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Refugees Welcome

Upon arriving to the US, in the first 90 days refugees have both obligations to fulfill and needs to be met. Even so there are many barriers refugees face upon their arrival to the U.S. such as language, lack of information and access to minimal financial and in kind support.  Even though refugee resettlement agencies and county service providers do their best to support refugees, the needs of refugees impose unique burdens and extra challenges.  These agencies and service providers often dip into unrestricted funds to support the resettlement of refugees and overextending staff time, which is why the #RefugeesWelcome guidebook and campaign is vital to compliment their work.

The #RefugeesWelcome Guidebook project seeks to support refugee resettlement by providing a multi-platform, multi-language and hyper local solution that helps refugees navigate and feel at home in Southern California. By creating a simple, interactive and easy-to-use guide, the #RefugeesWelcome Guidebook project meets refugees where they are and helps make them feel at home and welcomed.


A powerful resource! Share with your law enforcement and public officials, grassroots organizations and everyone in between! Thank you Monica Curca for your massive and brilliant heart!

Sande Hart‎

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We are working in many different ways to ensure the resettlement is as smooth as possible to all refugees in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. We cannot do this alone and so we encourage you to join our efforts and make a difference in your community today!

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