Launching #Brother2BrotherVR:
Two Syrian Brothers Thousands of Miles Apart

We are so proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with film directors Mina Son and Sara Newens from Wild Pair Films (http://wildpairfilms.tumblr.com/) to produce a Virtual Reality short documentary called Brother2BrotherVR‬.

The Refugees Welcome Project seeks to shift the current narrative around refugees and immigrants from exclusion to embrace. We aim to do this through various means; media, online and community based communications strategies and organizing, a multi-platform resource guidebook for refugees and now we are launching a 360 short Virtual Reality documentary video about two Syrian brothers living thousands of miles apart in foreign, unfamiliar lands as they struggle to find a new life for their families.

After fleeing Syria and living in Jordan for the past 3 years, Alaa – along with his wife and five young sons are among the handful of Syrian refugees who have resettled in Southern California. Left behind in Jordan are Alaa’s brother and his family who patiently wait for their chance to leave in search of a new home. Told from the perspectives of Alaa and his brother, the viewer is immersed in a virtual space where both brothers coexist, can speak to each other, and also share details of their new lives. The viewer is able to alternate between the two brothers, their worlds, and their varied experiences of having been forced to leave their homes.