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The thought of working in America may initially intimidate you, but don’t let fear stop you from searching for employment here. Have courage and take the respective steps to see how you can both serve and be served in your new community. It is important for you to self-reflect and think about your unique strengths. Many employers will want to know how you can make a positive impact in their company/organization and you should be prepared to share about your skills and capabilities in order to humbly convince your interviewer that you are a great candidate for the position in which you have applied. It is also important to have a resume.

To secure employment you often should start searching within your circle of friends and relatives, so don’t be shy for asking around for a job. Be mindful of the possibility to start your own business in services or online sales, or working in transport/logistics or construction sector as an independent contractor. Many jobs don’t require certificates, licenses, permits, or school degrees but be aware of local and state requirements, insurance, taxes, and prohibitions. Anyone can rent a small cart and sell products at a local mall or swap-meet but it may be hard labor work. Generally, entry level sales and customer services in large retail stores are plentiful or could offer quick employment start but they usually pay minimum wage that is barely enough to support a single person with roommates. Places like Target or BestBuy, for example, could hire you within a week from applying online or in-store. If you must, night shifts are less disabled with high quitting rate, so you can start there. Banks hire tellers frequently, insurance companies are looking for a friendly person. Stay clear from door knocking type or cold-call sales and marketing jobs, talent agencies, and anyone promises you high salary only based on future commission.

If you have an engineering, sciences, or social science degree or experience, please consider seeking employment with state or local government agency. State of California has over 100 departments, agencies, agencies, commissions. Los Angeles County alone has 88 cities, some are larger and more influential than others, but they all need good employees, from administration to maintenance, from interaction with public and budget/finance to public works projects and program management and delivery. State of California Department of Transportation, for example, has over 20,000 staff statewide, from civil engineers to scuba divers and rock climbers, biologists, landscape architects, planners, photographers. The opportunities are endless and you have to keep looking, and follow processes an agency or company uses to hire new staff. Good jobs openings are often filled before they are officially advertised. So seek and accept any job at a company, agency, or sector you desire and move around. And reach out for those in the field you desire and ask for one-on-one conversation or for a few minutes phone conversation.

Lastly, it is extremely important to stay positive. Show your interviewers that you are a trustworthy person, can work independently or within a team setting, cooperative, committed to company or agency’s core mission and values, generally aware of their projects and programs or products and services, flexible and adaptable, energetic, willing to learn new skills, and that you will work hard. It might take numerous resume submittals and online applications or questionnaires, but your key mission is to connect with those working in your desired field and to secure an interview. Often, it takes few interviews before you become comfortable to shine and simply be yourself. Don’t focus on securing high earning job, but rather experience to build your skills, knowledge, and abilities. If at all possible, maintain a job for a minimum of 6 month before attempting to change career or move up or somewhere else better.

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